Sevenoaks Scout Shop

Benefits to your Group and the District

Having a local scout shop in Sevenoaks, Kent benefits you, your group and your District.

Benefits to you

  • Items can be tried on and swapped, if needed, without the need to return by post.
  • The uniform you are buying is the official uniform of the Scout Association and you can be certain of it's quality.
  • Please note we cannot exchange items bought elsewhere!

Benefits to your Group and District 

  • Purchases made through the District Shop supports your Group and local Scouting.
  • A proportion of the profits from the shop are returned to your group
  • A proportion of the profits from the enable us to fund extra activities
  • All profits go back into Scouting

The shop is run by volunteers...

If you think you might have a little time to help the shop team, please let us know via the Contact Us 


Operated by Sevenoaks District Scouts, Charity no: 303435